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On October 10, 2020, the Trustees held a work day to repair damage to the Arbor.  It's just one example of how they work throughout the year to keep our campground safe for us to enjoy for years to come.

It was determined that a brace beam in the rear of the Arbor had significant deterioration. Several different avenues were investigated to fix the problem. The final plan was to replace part of the beam with the help of Mark Hernig.


Bracing was put in place to shore up the back roof of the Arbor while the work was completed. The damaged section of the beam was cut out and replaced as well as additional support to an accompanying beam. 

The Trustees are constantly monitoring all of the Campgrounds facilities. 

Thanks to all who donated their time and resources to make these repairs. 

The accompanying pictures show work being done in the process.

(They may take a bit to load depending on your internet connection)

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