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· July 19, 2020

To my PGCG kiddos:

Even if we aren't together in person, let's still praise our God! Psalm 96 says, "Sing to the Lord, tell of His salvation from day to day...for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!"

Sing along with me as we share the good news that Jesus saves. Even when times are hard, joy can still be found in Jesus. Let's worship Him together through one of our favorite PGCG Kid's Program songs - "The Happy Song"

God be with you 'till we meet again,

Miss Jill

· April 16, 2018

Attention PGCG Teens and Volunteers:

Tammy McGee is planning a meeting on May 12th, 11:00 a.m. at their Tent #18, for ALL YOUTH and/or ADULTS who want to help plan the 2018 Teen Youth Ministry activities for Campmeeting. She is providing lunch!

To RSVP, email  for her contact info-

Please be patient while video loads...

· August 4, 2017

The Howie Gold Mine, Waxhaw NC
Est. 1839

By 1900, the Howie Gold Mine had brought in over $750,000 cash value in gold. It's also been named through the years the Stockton Gold Mine and Cureton Gold Mine.

-From 'Waxhaw's History' facebook page

· August 4, 2017

Remembering the Past, People of Waxhaw

Frances Davis Thompson

Beloved teacher at Waxhaw School and citizen of Waxhaw ...

Frances, who went by Frankie was born in 1913, and lived her entire life in Waxhaw on North Providence Street. Her grandfather, James C Davis, was Waxhaw's first mayor who drafted the town charter. Her aunt, Maggie Davis, another active citizen of Waxhaw, raised her for most of her childhood. She wrote in her diary that the best day of her life was when she met her future husband, Collins, in 1937. He was the son of the Waxhaw Methodist Church minister.
She is well remembered by many of her students who she taught the Irish Jig and the Bamboo Stick Dance in preparation for the annual May Day Celebration at Waxhaw School. For years she was in charge of the Waxhaw Antique Show. She taught Sunday school for years at the Methodist Church. Frankie and Collins purchased a tent in 1954 at Pleasant Grove Campground and it was aid she never missed a year of camp meeting. She loved the Waxhaw Woman's Club and stayed very involved with the club. Frankie and Collins were very active in the Waxhaw community, even the town of Waxhaw honored them by placing a sundial engraved with their names near the Veterans Memorial Wall.

Pictured is Frankie and Collins, dressed up for the 1989 Waxhaw Centennial.


-From 'Waxhaw's History' facebook page.

· August 4, 2017

Citizens gathering in Mineral Springs, 1902. The building in the distance is the Methodist Church.


-From 'Put Mineral Springs on the Map' facebook page.

· July 30, 2017

Archie Yarbrough from Tent 47 (Byrum) passed away July 27. His obituary is linked below.


· July 24, 2017

A few quick videos of the awesomeness from this past week!!!

· July 23, 2017

Join us for the closing service at 6 pm. The refreshing rain has really cooled things off.

· July 22, 2017

We are the luckiest people alive to get to share in this. Seriously. Let us count the blessings! 

· July 22, 2017

Pictures of camp meeting history items from David Helms'

Museum appear here. We reminisced about these in the

gathering yesterday with Bill Howie.  

This link takes you to a specific page - you

can view the photos without having to sign up.  If you

would like more detail about the links, you will have to

set up an account.

· July 22, 2017

"Here I Am, Lord...Send Me!"

Children's memory verse.

· July 21, 2017

Awesome praise report from Julian & Kyle.

"God is on the move, hallelujah!"

Praising God for the healing!

· July 21, 2017

"It Is Well With My Soul." Beautiful tribute

to memory of Charles & Myrtle Mae

Winchester by their grand & great-grandsons.

· July 20, 2017

Older Kids Performance

Children's Bible School Performance

· July 18, 2017

Listening to the cicadas in the evenings at PGCG is heavenly...


"Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Nature Centers


Hot summer nights are often filled with the familiar screeching of cicadas. According to

NC State entomologist James Baker, at least 13 species of annual cicadas occur in North

Carolina. Often called "dogday" cicadas, the males sing high in trees with long loud

songs composed of buzzes and clicks from mid to late summer and are distinct for

each species. Unlike the periodical cicadas, which we see every 10-17 years, the annual

cicadas are large, green and have dark eyes.
Cicada females jab their eggs into soft thin tree branches which may dry and fall off. Nymphs hatch six or seven weeks later, falling to the soil, burrowing in and spending from two up to 10 years feeding on the roots of various plants.
Sometime during each summer, some nymphs dig out and cling to the bark of trees while they molt into the adult stage.
"The papery skins of the nymphs are left behind for children to gather up in and bring inside where they are eventually discarded by mothers that have no appreciation for cicada skins."

· July 17, 2017

If you missed "Little Sunday" at PGCG, you missed some great worship. Join us for morning WEEKDAY worship at 10:30 am, and WEEKDAY evening worship at 8 pm.

· July 13, 2017

Website article from Tri-W

"Hometown History: Pleasant Grove Campground | Tri-W News

In October of 1829, a circuit riding Methodist preacher held a meeting under a

brush arbor near Mineral Springs... click the photo to learn more..."


· July 6, 2017


**Free Southern Gospel Concert**
Saturday, July 15 at 7:30 pm
Pleasant Grove Campground Arbor
Mineral Springs, NC
Concert by: King's Cause of Lancaster, SC

Bring a friend to join us as we kick-off Camp Meeting Week 2017!



· June 23, 2017


8 pm Evening Worship
Sunday-Wednesday, July 16-19:
Rev. Keith Newell, Pleasant Union United Methodist, Liberty, NC

8 pm Evening Worship
Thursday- Saturday, July 20-22:
Rev. Eric Lane, Mineral Springs United Methodist, Mineral Springs, NC

6 pm Closing Evening Worship
Sunday, July 24
Mr. Butch Byrum, Lay Servant
Union United Methodist

11 am Opening "Little Sunday," July 16
Rev. Marilyn Wooten, Host Pastor
Pleasant Grove United Methodist

3 pm Memorial Service, July 16
Rev. Scott Ireland
Stallings United Methodist, Stallings, NC

11 am "Big Sunday," Sunday, July 23
Rev. Eric Lane, Mineral Springs United Methodist

10:30 am, Monday, July 17
Rev. Jason Haas, First Presbyterian, Monroe, NC

10:30 am, Tuesday, July 18
Rev. Bruce Gwyn, Mt. Pleasant United Methodist, Mount Pleasant, NC

10:30 am, Wednesday, July 19
Rev. Carroll Anthony, Philadelphia Baptist

10:30 am, Thursday, July 20
Rev. Mark Carnes, He's Alive Church, Concord, NC

10:30 am, Friday, July 21
Rev. John McGill, Waxhaw United Methodist, Waxhaw, NC


· May 30, 2017


Camp quest is in need of tents again. They have 100 campers coming to learn about Jesus and grow closer to him. Please contact Gerald Broome. They will clean your tent for you.



· May 26, 2017

Please join me in prayer for the family of Helen Jane Gamble Murray (Tent 54). Our love and prayers lifted for you all. Sure did love Ms. Helen Jane ...

Helen Murray Obituary - Chester, South Carolina |

Helen Murray passed away on May 20, 2017 in Chester, South Carolina. Funeral Home for Services for Helen are being provided by Barron Funeral Home. Obituary is featured in Charlotte Observer.

· March 19, 2017

For Youth and Young Adults…SOMETHING NEW for 2017 CAMPMEETING!
Prayer Warriors and Camp Reporters!!
Join others as you “roam the grounds” during the day in search of campmeeting news! It might include birthdays, celebrations, groups gathering for meals, new babies/marriages… or maybe particular prayer concerns. Meet each evening under the arbor from 7:30 – 7:45 pm (with a “facilitator”) for a time of sharing and prayer. THEN…decide who will be the ‘spokesperson’ for worship that evening…a 2 minute “report” before the traditional prayer time…sharing your news and concerns! Interested? Contact Marilyn Wooten on FB…or This opportunity is open to any youth (6th grade and older) as well as younger adults. Also looking for a “facilitator”…maybe an “older-young adult”…who would be willing to meet with the group each evening. Campmeeting is LESS than 4 MONTHS away!!!

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