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· April 16, 2018

Attention PGCG Teens and Volunteers:

Tammy McGee is planning a meeting on May 12th, 11:00 a.m. at their tent for ALL YOUTH and/or ADULTS who want to help plan the 2018 Teen Youth Ministry activities for Campmeeting. She is providing lunch but you have to RSVP!

To RSVP, email  pleasantgrovenc@outlook.com  for her contact info-

· January 25, 2018

Carolina Camera, WBTV, August 13, 1971, with C.J. Underwood. Special thanks to Joyce Blythe for sharing this with us!


Sound is only available in a few parts of the video

Comments posted on the Facebook site:

Reagan Blythe Williams Was that grandma blythe at 2:43?

Kris Morefield -Reagan Blythe Williams yes

Kris Morefield I found myself with the Pfisters on Grandma Blythe's porch at 1:16.

Michael R. Helms I do believe that was John Howie blowing the trumpet. Thanks for sharing this.

Megan Lewis My great great grandfather, Oscar Winchester, father of Charles Winchester at 0:37

Martha Robinson Kiker Ruth Robinson tent 76 in the scene of women on the front porch! 0:31

Diane Helms Alexander I love this

Alison Howey I believe the first little boy you see is my husband Frank Howey Jr Tent #70

Autumn King-Austin - John Franklin Howie. Is that you?

Melissa Kevin Plyler This was on my bday, but 1 year before I was born haha!

Shawn Gordon That's so funny.  My dad was the one with the long sideburns cutting the watermelon.  Thanks for sharing this.

Kris Morefield Thank you for letting us know. I wondered who had those perfect 70s sideburns!

Shawn Gordon It's David Zeller. He was from the Tyson Tent.  I think tent #28, but not sure that's the correct #.

Joyce Blythe A special thanks to John Steed for sharing this with us. He was the man behind the camera that day.

LeNeal Austin Love I think the first elderly man talking was Mr Earl Howey and the other one was Preacher Morrison he married my sister Lynn there he was the best Preacher

LeNeal Austin Love The lady in the wheel chair was that Ms.Mae Howey? My sister Ann learned how to cook biscuits from her and Ann use to go help her can jelly and vegetables!

· January 15, 2018

Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church


You are invited to join the people of Pleasant Grove UMC as they give God the Glory for the changes that have allowed a feeling of a new church building!

The DEDICATION of the SANCTUARY RENOVATION will take place on Sunday, January 28th, at 3:00 p.m. Please join us for this service of worship and praise to God! If you have questions, contact any member of Pleasant Grove UMC or Rev. Marilyn Wooten.

Renovations include complete renovation of the Sanctuary floors to restore the foundation, installation of new hardwood to retain the original "look", restoring hardwood in Sunday School rooms; painting the narthex (entrance) as well as the entire Sanctuary and Sunday School rooms; new carpeting; new doors entering the Sanctuary (handmade by Lee Starnes); a new Roland Digital Piano (given in memory of Henry and Clifford Blythe).


· August 4, 2017

The Howie Gold Mine, Waxhaw NC
Est. 1839

By 1900, the Howie Gold Mine had brought in over $750,000 cash value in gold. It's also been named through the years the Stockton Gold Mine and Cureton Gold Mine.

-From 'Waxhaw's History' facebook page

· August 4, 2017

Remembering the Past, People of Waxhaw

Frances Davis Thompson

Beloved teacher at Waxhaw School and citizen of Waxhaw ...

Frances, who went by Frankie was born in 1913, and lived her entire life in Waxhaw on North Providence Street. Her grandfather, James C Davis, was Waxhaw's first mayor who drafted the town charter. Her aunt, Maggie Davis, another active citizen of Waxhaw, raised her for most of her childhood. She wrote in her diary that the best day of her life was when she met her future husband, Collins, in 1937. He was the son of the Waxhaw Methodist Church minister.
She is well remembered by many of her students who she taught the Irish Jig and the Bamboo Stick Dance in preparation for the annual May Day Celebration at Waxhaw School. For years she was in charge of the Waxhaw Antique Show. She taught Sunday school for years at the Methodist Church. Frankie and Collins purchased a tent in 1954 at Pleasant Grove Campground and it was aid she never missed a year of camp meeting. She loved the Waxhaw Woman's Club and stayed very involved with the club. Frankie and Collins were very active in the Waxhaw community, even the town of Waxhaw honored them by placing a sundial engraved with their names near the Veterans Memorial Wall.

Pictured is Frankie and Collins, dressed up for the 1989 Waxhaw Centennial.


-From 'Waxhaw's History' facebook page.

· August 4, 2017

Citizens gathering in Mineral Springs, 1902. The building in the distance is the Methodist Church.


-From 'Put Mineral Springs on the Map' facebook page.

· July 30, 2017

Archie Yarbrough from Tent 47 (Byrum) passed away July 27. His obituary is linked below.


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