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Recent posts from the Pleasant Grove Campground Facebook page will be updated here- This will give visitors who do not have facebook accounts the opportunity to view the same information (dates are based on when the items were posted).

Not all posts are directly related to the campground but are still part of the community's history.

  Please feel free to notify us if you have concerns about this-

we will not post anything that isn't already available on the public facebook page.

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· July 20, 2017

Older Kids Performance

Children's Bible School Performance

· July 18, 2017

Listening to the cicadas in the evenings at PGCG is heavenly...


"Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Nature Centers


Hot summer nights are often filled with the familiar screeching of cicadas. According to

NC State entomologist James Baker, at least 13 species of annual cicadas occur in North

Carolina. Often called "dogday" cicadas, the males sing high in trees with long loud

songs composed of buzzes and clicks from mid to late summer and are distinct for

each species. Unlike the periodical cicadas, which we see every 10-17 years, the annual

cicadas are large, green and have dark eyes.
Cicada females jab their eggs into soft thin tree branches which may dry and fall off. Nymphs hatch six or seven weeks later, falling to the soil, burrowing in and spending from two up to 10 years feeding on the roots of various plants.
Sometime during each summer, some nymphs dig out and cling to the bark of trees while they molt into the adult stage.
"The papery skins of the nymphs are left behind for children to gather up in and bring inside where they are eventually discarded by mothers that have no appreciation for cicada skins."

· July 17, 2017

If you missed "Little Sunday" at PGCG, you missed some great worship. Join us for morning WEEKDAY worship at 10:30 am, and WEEKDAY evening worship at 8 pm.

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