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Below are some rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees. These are set up so that everyone can better enjoy their stay on the campground. It is necessary for these rules and regulations to be set forth as an aid in assuring an orderly camp meeting for all.


~Please, No Smoking or Vaping Inside the Campground


I. As you arrive, please observe traffic signs, speed limit, and please no horn blowing. Please do not park along sides of road, as this is a state-maintained road. Vehicles should be parked in areas off the road.


II. While on the grounds, maintain the camp meeting spirit. The primary reason for camp meeting is the religious significance of personal spiritual growth and improvement. Therefore, conduct should reflect this religious significance.



Everyone is urged to attend all of the services of worship. If, for some reason, you cannot attend, please do not disturb those who are worshiping.



Parents, please teach your children to respect the Arbor as though it were a church sanctuary – it is! Please do not allow your children to play under the Arbor (walking and jumping on the seats, throwing songbooks, cutting initials in the seats, etc.) Each generation must teach the next the spiritual and historical significance of Pleasant Grove Campground and the importance of keeping it a special place. Please do not allow recreational activities to get out of hand. A ballfield is provided across the road on the north side for activities. Softball games can be played on the ballfield, but no baseballs or golf balls, please. No pump water guns allowed on the grounds. No bike riding or motor bike riding on the inside grounds (in front of the tents). Anything that gets out of hand is not in the best interest of all. Pets are not allowed on the inside grounds (in front of the tents) for any reason. Pets must be confined to your tent or on a leash at all times. Pets may be walked along the rear of tents, only. Please be considerate of others and clean up after your animals. No horses are allowed on the property.



No alcoholic beverages, drugs, or fireworks will be tolerated. All occupied tents must have a parent or a responsible adult. Anyone whose personal conduct goes uncontrolled will be asked to leave the grounds. Everyone is on the honor system at camp meeting, even though a law officer may be on duty. Parents are responsible for the conduct of those in their tents. Any damage to persons or property will be the responsibility of those involved. Children or teenagers shall not occupy tents unless one parent or guardian occupies the same tent with them (someone at least 21 years old or older.)



Bedtime comes early for those who work during the day. Therefore, 12:00 midnight will be quiet time. Please be considerate of your neighbors and observe this hour.




No open fires, fire pits or fireworks are permitted. Outdoor grilling equipment should be used only in the rear of the cabins – not on the side, front, or inside of the cabins, and attended at all times. With all the old buildings and wood shavings, this is a serious fire hazard. No insect repellent burning candles or containers will be permitted.



As you leave, and throughout the year, please help keep the grounds clean. Trash and discarded household items need to be promptly removed from the grounds by the tent holder. Beautification is an on-going project that we can all participate in. Please pitch in!



In August 1971, the Board of Trustees passed a tent usage rule. Any tent not used during the week of camp meeting for a period of three consecutive years (because of being in need of repairs or due to lack of interest on the part of the owner) will revert back to the Pleasant Grove Campground Board of Trustees.

In 1975, it was passed that tents be occupied five nights out of eight nights – Saturday through Saturday.

In 1985, a regulation was passed restricting the occupancy of tents during the off-season. If you are staying in your tent during the months of October through May the trustees must be notified. This regulation excludes the months of July, August, and September. Reminder - Tentholders own only their tent (think a PSL, Permanent Seat License in Panther stadium) and not the ground under it or surrounding it.

As a tentholder of record, you have the opportunity to occupy your tent’s space on the grounds as long as you abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Trustees and pay the annual tent assessment fee. All new construction must be approved by the Board of Trustees prior to beginning work. Tentholders MUST contact the Board of Trustees before making any changes in your tent or the areas adjacent to your tent to assure that you comply with board regulations. Please advise the Board of Trustees when you expect to have workers coming to do repairs. During certain months there are camps and special events on the grounds that must be worked around.

In the event that a tent is to change ownership, the Board of Trustees must be contacted and approve. Please confirm with the Board of Trustees annually at the Monday Night Tentholders Meeting who the Tentholder(s) of Record are for your tent. It is important that each tent name an emergency contact and provide a current address and phone number.



Trailers, campers, or tents will not be permitted on the campground property. Land line telephones, cable/satellite TV and internet service are not allowed on the Camp Ground. Dishwashers and clothes washers are not allowed due to sewer capacity issues




To contact Trustees, mail to:

Geoff Dietrich, Treasurer

P.O. Box 6, Mineral Springs, NC 28108


Gregg Winchester, Chair,


Find us on the Facebook group-"Pleasant Grove Campmeeting, Mineral Springs, NC"

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